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  • Specializing in Acquisitions of Oil and Gas Royalty and Mineral Interest Nationwide
  • Statewide Minerals Company was founded in 1992 in Midland, Texas
  • Statewide Minerals Co. is an aggregator or collector of various producing oil and gas royalty interest.
What We Do
Statewide Minerals Company uses today's technology to identify and evaluate producing oil and gas royalty interest throughout the United States specializing in Texas. Statewide prefers to identify and evaluate these properties on a county by county basis. Upon this evaluation, Statewide then provides an offer to specific property owners in a particular strategic county. Statewide main business is to acquire individual producing properties. We do not focus on leasing trends or development potential so you probably know as much about the property as we do. Feel free to ask us questions regarding your property. Our staff will be honest and upfront about our knowledge of the property.

Statewide acquires producing oil and gas royalty interest for its own account during low prices and high prices hoping the aggregate effect of volume buying produces a cash flow able to sustain a return much like a mutual fund investment while providing the seller with an ability to cash out for the various reasons we have listed. Please refer to our page on "Reasons to sell". With energy prices at historical highs and because of the volatile nature of the business, now might be the right time to convert a royalty interest into a cash payment.
What We Do
Due to the volume of offers we send out, not all evaluations will be accurate. Upon your inquiry into liquidation of your property or if you accept our offer, a second evaluation and analysis using historical production records and decline curve analysis are used to get a better and more accurate evaluation of production reserves and to determine if your property meets our economic criteria. This process will take no more than 48 hours
Statewide Minerals Co. is purchaser of Oil and Gas Royalties Nationwide
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